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An important note to students and other researchers: if you are working on a school project or an assignment on surfing, surfboards, surfing history, beach culture or famous surfers, etc, you will find links on my links pages to other sites that will provide much, if not all, of the information you need - especially in the HISTORY, CULTURE & RESEARCH section. 

Three of the most helpful sites are: Legendary Surfers, Surfing Related Papers and Surfer Resources

I also highly recommend purchasing the following books: STOKED! - A History of Surf Culture (Drew Kampion); The ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SURFING (Matt Warshaw); THE GLIDE - Longboarding and the Renaissance of Modern Surfing (Chris Bystrom); MEN AND WAVES & MEN WHO RIDE MOUNTAINS - Incredible True Tales of Legendary Surfers  (Peter Dixon); and the incomparable new annotated bibliography entitled 200 Years of Surfing Literature  - available from SurfClassics and other booksellers. 

To anyone wanting to find out the value vintage surfboards or where to sell them:

Please don't ask me, because I don't know ...

What I recommend is that you do a Google search for "vintage surfboards" + value or "vintage surfboards" + buyers , etc. I also recommend reading some articles on the subject, such as:

OR ... if you've got a special vintage surfboard or surf related item you'd like to sell, contact the people at Surfboard Collectors or Wood Surfboards: