The Sketches & Paintings of BOB BIRKENES

Bob Birkenes is an artist and architectural illustrator whose work captures buildings and landmarks that may now be lost to future generations. 

A selection of images from Santa Monica, Ocean Park and Ventura.

Entrance to Santa Monica Pier



Photos & Documents from Miki Dora's albums

Additional photos of Miki Dora

When Miki Dora departed New Zealand he left behind a number of his personal possessions including photo albums. These are images from two of them ...

The Next Wave



John not only designed surfing's most iconic image - The Endless Summer Poster - he has also designed some of the most popular and recognizable posters and album covers of the 60's onwards. 

He's just released an amazing new surfing poster titled The Next Wave and it now available from .

Are my eyes deceiving me, or is that wave  actually breaking?


Endless Summer Poster

The art of Roberto Chuy Madrigal (Steven & Chuy)- wish I was there


Matapouri Views - Images from our place on the hill. Click on the image for more.

This section is still under construction and I've got dozens of archival surfing images and photos to add when I can. Check back soon.