Jerry Whitesides Tribute - by Jami Carhart 

Jerry left the planet July 24, 2007

Sandy Whitesides called August 4th to tell us about his struggle with liver cancer and grapefruit sized tumor that took him thru surgery and his death in a few months.

Karoli and I had a memorial service on the lake at Memaloose and Pearl Islands on August 5th.


We took a picture of Jerry that I shot last summer in this same boat with the lake islands in the background. I was taking him to this favorite sacred spot of peace and tranquility.

At Memaloose Island we found a secret cove with a protected natural rock boat slip that just fit Padang Bai. Karoli went naked in the silky waters and I joined her and we snorkled over the rocky shore and watched the bass and trout. Then we had a papaya and talked of Jerry and put a couple of roses on the water surface. 

At Pearl Island we found the sweet spot cove on the west side where the water was particularly glassy, Jerry’s favorite kind of water. We placed roses on the water, played Hawaiian music, burned some incense, and each recited eulogies to Jerry.



Karoli said he was this being of light and beseeched him to fly into the light and the arms of God with the gentle grace which he lived his life.

I said:

Jerry my brother, you’ve sailed across blue waters to a distant shore. Perhaps the world could not give you the love you needed. You were a seeker, always looking for more love, more light, that perfect wave. You left behind a legacy of 3 children that loved you, 2 wives that adored you, a list of people and lovers who cherished you, and a body of artistic woodworking. Your greatest gift to the world was your unmistakable love and lightness of heart that all who came in contact with you felt. You left a trail of love from the Channel Islands to Hawaii to Ireland and all the adventures you led. You were my Blue Water Brother and I will always feel you when I walk the beaches, play in the waves, sail the wind, and ply the glassy waters of the lakes in those perfect moments when the world is still and the heart opens. 


Then I slipped into the lake and swam as long and far as I could underwater, something Jerry and I enjoyed and shared in our time together. We shed some tears and spread the rest of the roses and just then a pure white butterfly landed on the bow of the boat before flying over Karoli’s shoulder and inches from my face and out over the lake. The sky created the most amazing angel clouds that we have seen all summer as if a chorus of angels were playing silent music for Jerry.