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m  i  k  i  d  o  r  a
images  from  another  life
a  c o l l e c t i o n  of  p h o t o s &  l e t t e r s

When Miki Dora took his leave of New Zealand sometime around 1977, a number of his personal possessions remained behind in storage and were never claimed. To recover costs, most of these possessions were auctioned off in 1984 and still remain in
private collections. 

Some were returned to Miki after the auction; others given to his estate after his death. However, a few items somehow found their ways into various hands before the auction even took place!

The following images are from digital photographs taken of some of the pages in two of the albums Miki left behind. None of photos in the album had a photographer's name, so any information would be appreciated.

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the faces of


Photo used in a magazine ad for Da Cat model
taken by Pat Darrin


One of several 'Da Cat' ads Miki saved


Titled "The Mao Hue Surfing Boys"
Thanks to author, David Rensin, whose
definitive book on Miki
is due out in April 2008, The Mao Hue Surfing Boys were:
Terry "Tubesteak" Tracey, Bing Copeland, Gregg Noll and Miki


Miki observes the Toffee-Pop Twins


notes & letters

The first two were sent after the controversial 1965 Malibu Invitational contest.
Quite a few observers thought Miki deserved first place, but had been
relegated to third place as punishment for some pushing & shoving
out in the water. Even the first place winner,
Buzz Sutphin,
thought Miki should have won.

Miki pushes Johnny Fain out of the way.
Excuse me, but isn't Johnny
butting-in on his wave?


Note from Tom Morey


Letter from the late Chuck Hasley, President
of the Windansea Surf Club


Letter from Dick Graham, Editor and Publisher
of  International Surfing Magazine


photos from surfing's past


Over head at Topanga Beach - Winter of 1947 (riders & photographer unknown)


Bob Simmons surfing an overhead Malibu wave - 1949 (photographer unknown)


Joe Quigg and Bob Simmons - Malibu 1950 (photographer unknown)


A big Pt Dume wave - Winter 1951 (rider & photographer unknown)
I've surfed Pt Dume at 15+ feet and it's 'shit-your-pants'-awe-inspiring'


Matt Kivlin at Rincon - Winter 1951 (photographer unknown)

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